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Youth and Mental Health

  • The lack of knowledge and the fear society has infused in most of us has eventually inhibited us from addressing the lack of knowledge and the fear society has infused in most of us has eventually inhibited us from addressing our problems in the open due to which, mental problems often remain unexplored.
  • One has to understand that mental health is equally important as physical health and if not detected, treated; can cause serious damage in all aspects of human life. The fear of being rejected and seen in a shallow light as predetermined by the society has caused many un-wanted deaths, sickness and challenges.
  • Just because we do not get that support we often take the path of self-harm or suicide. Only through communication one can reach the root of their daily issues which often depletes us from within and causes dis-harmony.
  • Depression is one most devouring troubles that has been affecting the youth since a very long time. It causes all sorts of extra-problems in our regular life. Starting from job life to social to familial, everything can go for a toss under depression. With the enough performance-pressure we are already facing, depression alongside can be a deadly trauma for us.
  • Performance pressure is another dangerous thing in our life causing all productivity to be sapped and in the end, we are nothing but mechanical. Creativity is lost and the life energy required for working or giving efforts is lost.
  • The pressure to perform the best or above average is very high. Starting from education to job everything runs the rat-race and in-between this, an individual loses all his/energy to focus, create and be productive.
  • The maximum of the suicide is because of this defenceless against the huge pressure of everyday life. Food, clothing, lifestyle maintenance everything is only escalating with growing day. The cost, money-factor has made humans nothing more than pressure cooker which when goes o, creates ripple of disaster.
  • Youth suicide is the most shameful consequence of this rat-race. We often blame the individual but never look beyond to judge their situations.

Talk to your Child

  1. Talk in a calm, non-accusatory manner
  2. Let them know you love and care
  3. Convey how important they are to you
  4. Focus on concern for their well-being
  5. Make statements that convey you have empathy for their stress
  6. Encourage seeking professional help
  7. Reassure them that they will not feel like this forever by utilizing appropriate help

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