Empowering the young with information based education on Sexual and Reproductive health and Rights
Project Learn 4 Life is a developed by a team of creative youth who indulged their effort in bringing awareness on Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights amongost teens, adolescents, young adults and the fellow youth so that they make informed choices in life.
To bring greater awareness and implementation of Sexual & Reproductive Health & Rights, Gender Sensitization and Greater Empathy for the various Genders. We believe in Protecting sexual and reproductive health and rights of all individuals which will in turn save lives and inculcate information empowerment.
The project Learn4Life is aimed at bringing greater awareness and implementation of Sexual & Reproductive Health Issues right out in the front. L4L includes life-skill educational topic such as: Gender, Youth leadership, Peer-education, Body image, Substance Abuse which will empower the young towards a safer future.
Why Adolescents?
Adolescence is defined asthe period between 10 and 19 years of age. It is a continuum of physical, cognitive, behavioural and psychosocial change that is characterized by increasing levels of individual autonomy, a growing sense of identity and self-esteem and progressive independence from adults.
Why focus
on SRHR?
The sexual and reproductive health (SRH) needs of the adolescents are largely unmet. Worldwide, adolescent females, males are reaching puberty sooner, marrying later and having more premarital sex. The unmet need for contraceptives among adolescents is more than twice that of married women.
As the young transit from childhood to adulthood, adolescents normally benefit from the influence of adult role models, social norms and structures and community groups (peer, religious or cultural). They may find themselves in risky situations that they are not prepared to deal with.
Need for SEX-ED in Youth
It provides young people with the skills they need for healthy decision-making in the sphere of sexuality. As young people grow up, they face important decisions about relationships, sexuality, and sexual behaviour. The decisions they make can impact their health and well-being.
Points to Remember
Parents are the most important sexuality educators for their children. Teens that have high self-esteem are more likely to make responsible decisions about sex. Teens often believe that all of their friends are having sex. This belief puts pressure on teens (especially boys) to have sex.

Learn4Life makes space for the existing information available to come up front and also portray the importance of qualitative education which will serve as an agenda to reduce inequalities and discriminations that often occurs due to lack of knowledge.