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Society for women under a microscope

In the countries, which have patriarchal societies, gender disparity and gender biasedness is ingrained since childhood. The male children are given special treatment and lenient parenting while the female children are thought to be a liability on the family. Females are focused upon being simple, lowkey intellectual activities (like household work and not proper schooling and education), and acquire an accepting body image and looks which will promote them as prospective partners in marriage. Carrier, job, work-culture is still less likely to affect many people from different parts of the world when it comes to women.

Everything right from nutrition to education to health is divided unequally among the male and female siblings. This and inadequate exposure to right way of conducting themselves, managing their sexuality can be threatening for their future as well as for the society. Therefore, the seed of ‘superiority’ is still very prevalent in men in most cultures because they have been brought up with that partiality.

Society always requires equal respect and harmonious co-existence of all the genders prevalent in the society. Biased family and social values do not allow this mutual respect and sensitivity to develop and thus cause a lot of struggle for the victimized gender. If the sense of equality is not individual, the behaviour gets altered as a mass. One should be educated from a very tender age (as a kid when their brain is open to all sorts of education and learning) that, we are all equal and we should not treat anyone differently. Be it gender, culture, race, ethnicity, colour, creed or nationality.

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